Buying a property


About Buying A Property 

The answer is a simple no ◡̈

Whilst there are market trends and fluctuations to observe, it is more important to understand your current situation and make the best out of it with an alignment towards the market. 

I will be sharing with you my personal analysis and current market trends customised to your situation. I have a frameweok called CPR. It contains the essentials information you need to be aware of as a property owner or investor. This will be done regardless of the property you are looking to buy. 

Again, it is most important to understand your needs, intentions and ability. The idea is to create a safety buffer for your rainy days so you’ll be assured before making a decision. 

Properties are supposed to be an asset & not a liability and I am a specialist in this field to plan and cater what is ideal for you. 

I will be going through these options in CPR to give you a detailed comparison and their trends over the years. 

You make the call after that ◡̈

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