ABOUT jack

Being dedicated and passionate about his work, Jack seeks to provide the Best Service to his clients.

In order to excel in this field, he must first understand the clients. Placing his client’s interest as a No.1 priority, he will then be able to meet and exceed.

With hard work and smart research, Jack’s ability to understand the property market trends has made it possible to achieve clients’ desired prices in securing their dream homes, selling their current property, sourcing for investment units and even for legacy planning through a tried and tested framework to establish and ascertain all requests.

Through being a new entry to the industry, Jack has went through a life and career threatening crisis and his previous work experience in business development has allowed him to position himself maturely amongst his peers thus gaining their trust and sense of security.

Jack is also part of ERA MILLION DOLLAR CLUB and ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner.

Ever since Jack started his journey as a realtor in 2019, his hard work and sincerity has been rewarded with awards & achievements such as TOP ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, TOP NEW MANAGER, TOP 50 300 ACHIEVERS, etc.

“Everyone has their way of doing things and Jack is no exception. There is no secret to his customer’s success because it is all about the right amount of art and science.”


Jack is grateful for all the trust and support given by all his clients since day one. From multi-million dollar transactions to rental deals, he has done it all and the sincerity towards every client is the same. As a great believer in the greater good. he always gives his best before expecting any returns. The awards received signifies the amount of hard work and effort invested in his career. 

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